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the 60th Anniversary of the CJ-2A

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Posted by Daron Wanberg on July 18, 2005 at 23:23:01:

Sixty years ago today people saw the first Civilian CJ-2A Jeeps in New Hudson, Michigan. Click on the link to see the original badge that the guest wore that day. http://www.agrijeep.com/jeeps/history.htm The Fat Tire Beer was a great way to celebrate the occasion tonight Fred. Thank you and thank you to the many others for all that you have done to show the Very Early Civilian Jeep history. Here. Here. Hail to the Jeep!!!!! Cheers!!!!!

Daron Wanberg
44 CJ-2 SN CJ2-14 X38 AGRIJEEP
45 CJ-2A SN 10011
46 CJ-2A SN 12797
46 CJ-2A SN 17558
46 CJ-2A SN 33283
46 CJ-2A SN 72001
47 CJ-2A SN 98996
48 CJ-2A SN 181941
48 CJ-2A SN 204590
48 Empire SN 6364
49 CJ-2A SN 224406

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