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Re: Springs

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Posted by Doug Cook on July 20, 2005 at 22:42:05:

In Reply to: Posted by on July 20, 2005 at 10:11:39:

May want to check out a product called "slick plate" avaiable at TSC. Just a paint with teflon added to it, paint each individual spring with it before assemble and it allows them to slide aross eachother with less resistance...smoother ride with no loss of load carrying ability.

: You will be glad you replaced everything in the long run. The bushings on my springs were worn clear through and into the springs. Right now it rides as stiff as a lumber wagon with the thick front springs but is getting better. I really should put some grease or oil on the leaf springs to help them move easier and improve the ride a bit, but I have been lazy in this heat we are having.

: I went to NAPA and bought four shocks for $13.50 each. Normally the front and rear are the same part number but with the new rear springs, I had to install a different number on the rear. The stock sized shock (#94038) was almost topped out when installed, so I went through NAPA's books and found the same identical shock but with a little longer length (#94008). Fit like a glove and sat close to the middle of the its travel. The front fit just fine and was the correct length even with the 10 leaf springs. I have some notes on the before and after body heights when I replaced all the springs and shackles last month if you want to see them. Contact me off list.

: Rick McDowell
: Competition Specialties
: Osceola, Iowa
: '47 CJ2A #138863

: : Thanks Rick-- I believe I have 10s for the rear and 7s for the front. I wasn't sure if I should replace the hangers and shackles, but decided to replace them all. What kind of shocks are you running? Thanks for the heads up on the install.

: : Chris

: : : Which front springs did you get, the 7 leaf or the 10 leaf springs? I got the stiffer 10 leaf springs for the front and was glad I did. I think after they loosen up a bit they will be just about right. I didn't get the 7 leaf because I think they would be too soft after a few years.

: : : I had some trouble getting them installed. You have to get everything started just right before you tighten them up. On a few of them, after they were tightened all the way up, I couldn't get grease into the bushings. Seems when they are drawn all the way up, there is no clearance for the grease to go in. I am going to see if some wear will loosen them up enough to get them to accept grease. You might try filing a groove or two in the ends of the shackles so grease from the zerk can get past the ends.

: : : Rick Mc
: : : Iowa
: : : '47 2A

: : : : Thanks Bert and Rocn'roll--

: : : : I checked with Tampa Spring and they said they would take a look at it. I contacted Willy's Keiser and went ahead and purchased a new set of springs, hangers and schackles. Got it all for $400. Roc--you have a great memory! I want to try to keep it as original as possible and thought of an aftermarket set. I'll let you guys know how it turns out--

: : : : Thanks

: : : : Chris

: : : :
: : : : : Chris, try some of the big truck companys if you have any in the area. (Mack, Peterbuilt, etc.) The truckers deal more with spring rebuilders than common shops do if you want to go with the rebuilding route. I had good luck with Rancho springs but you probably don't want to go with the newer shackle design they have if I remember your project correctly.

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