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exhaust manifold

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Posted by james on September 18, 2002 at 21:05:54:

I'm currently swapping a odd-fire 225 V6into my 53 CJ3A. A friend of mine has a 231 V6 in his CJ2A with a exhaust manifold that he says will bolt to my 225. He's not sure what year and model the manifolds came off of but the drivers side casting number is
2556359 3. The manifold turns vertical as the rear most cylinder and cuts under the oil pan and then joins up with the driver's side. I checked with my local Buick dealer, who could not account for the last digit "3". According to the dealer the mainfold was available on 83-85 chevys and buicks and all 85-87g body GM cars. A call to local auto salvage yard got me "22516359 4". Is this the same? It seems that the "3" series is less emissions control equipment which is fine for my application. Could anyone tell me or put me in contact with someone who could tell me what years, engine, and models the 25516359 "3" were found in and what the corresponding passenger side mainifold casting number would be

Thanks in advance!

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